Thanks, For Everything: Joy

Thinking: why not be kind, why not be free, and why, above all things, cease to believe in yourself, in your Truth?

I hold two hands- one is my own, guiding myself through this mucky and cruddy and steadily changing world. The other, guides others; what did I already learn, that I can pass on? Whom can I give to, and how did I grow? Not too steady on my feet sometimes, but, in all the Universe, I have never failed to find a lesson in my failures.

It’s important to be kind, to yourself and others, and above all, remember how good you’ve got it. I got off the bus one day, in a terrible mood, and said to God, “Thank you for my life, remind me of how great it is!” Not two minutes around the corner from the bus station, I saw a little man, crippled in an electronic wheelchair, smiling, ear to ear.

Living- and I, in misery, over something so mundane, I can’t even recall what it was.

That’s the mystery, the ooey-gooey goodness of sucking life’s marrow from the bones whose splinters once made you bleed.

It’s not over, I’ll tell you that much. Soon, you’re going to unfortunately, in some awesome or awful way, be reminded of your own splendor. Sometimes, it’s getting run over by a truck, or a devastating loss; other times, it’s a newborn baby, seeing muscles pop and change as you continue with a fitness and exercise regime. There’s something about 24 hours and the light of day that says, “Perfection awaits- just hold on!”

Sweetness grows and medicine flows through life, attaching itself to you, tucking in neatly to the fibers of your bruised being. Scoop yourself up, worn shoes and down-turned faces, and turn towards the sun- you’re blooming, you’re blossoming, and your life’s only just getting started.

My first feeling is, trust it, life, and your feelings, your heart, and, above all, give thanks. Swat away rumors or insecurities, and bow down, let the light in you shine, and teach others how to live life open-armed and out-loud.

Maybe once upon a time, it was as easy as that- who says it can’t be again? Sadness isn’t permanent, send it on its way. See yourself loving others, yourself and life, not too far away!!


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