care for the bond

strengthen the love

the will of meeting timed

just right


blend forth together in a timeless seamless synchronization, gearing up to the diving

dandelions, sweeter than candy

spines, fusing, spirits home, sending surveys from outer space

we’re wandering around in our own heads with bodies attached to heartstrings tugged

meanwhile with time and with awe, reverence

bigger than us, this understanding

searing our welling eyes witnessing all this,

naysayers wouldn’t have this go well, the hell with that, masterpiece

bouts of depression spur onward and upward, couldnt wouldnt and shouldnt,

three unkind brothers

the seasons, tides, ebbs

we have traveled like ships in the night to come together cold turkey

stronger, longer, leaning out to summer

the days come, they went

good soon enough

simple natural neat and threatening


needed to charge the soil we’re springing from

gingerly seeping streaming, sun

straight to talismans sought for journeys not bought


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