7 Ways to Quiet the Mind & Ease Stress

There’s so much to start with here, but this is how I feel mostly sums it all up for me: sometimes our minds can be major bitches.

Think about it; does your heart ever call you fat, tell you your girlfriend doesn’t love you, or tell you you’ve made your bed, now you have to lie in it? There’s something sad about the way our mind plays tricks on us, when the answer to every question you seek is love. There’s nothing wrong with you. I’ll say it again; there’s nothing wrong with you. You are more perfect than a sunrise, more beautiful than the moon, and more fun than a bag of chips!

Don’t let your head misguide your heart. Trust your guts, man. Sending this all the way from Vermont, where I love, life, and work. I think about things a lot; it’s what I do. I grew up in a bit of a chaotic household; something, I thought, is always going to happen, and things will go wrong. But, I later learned, through a lot of therapy and a ‘no excuses’ mentality, that we’re not wired this way; I wasn’t wired this way, to believe everything is destined to fail, and we weren’t meant to be, and all that garbage.

God, why did you ever stop loving yourself? Why did you ever turn it around on yourself, and who are you to abandon someone so unique and gorgeous and funny? There’s nothing wrong with you. No one doesn’t love you; they just don’t love themselves.

We’re reflections of everything we see. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, flip the switch.

Here’s how I get my mind to Shut the Hell Up:

1. Ask your mind to be quiet and let your heart talk.

Sounds weird, so what? If it works, let it- it works for me, to ask my mind, peacefully, if it will turn off for a minute, while I sit and ask my heart the thing I am wondering. If it wanted to speak sometime during me and my heart’s alone time, I say, “Please allow my heart to breathe.” Then, I listen.

2. Meditate

This goes along with what I said above. Not everybody can meditate. Not everyone can sit still and not think, or twitch, or look at their laundry list of to-do items. You can try, though. Everyone has it in them to give it a shot. Try a guided meditation for starters, then see if just concentrating on your breathing works.

3. Go for a walk in the woods

The woods cure all, my mantra and motto when the going gets rough. You think you have problems? Go look at trees, think of the dinosaurs and the fact that they  went extinct. Think of every living thing there ever was on Earth, and your problems seem so small, they almost don’t matter anymore. You’re half as much as the life of a tree in the woods, more likely than not. Bow to it.

4. Imagine yourself as a Tree

There’s nothing wrong with a tree. A tree is outside, all year round, firmly grounded in the Earth, rooted in the ground. A tree doesn’t complain when a bird alights on a branch, or try to fix its branches to look more beautiful after the wind comes. When a storm knocks it down, a tree becomes firewood, or pencil shavings for children in schools around the world. There’s nothing as beautiful as the sight of a tree on the ground, going back to the Earth again. Plow through your insecurities, and have joy that you’re as filled with potential and light as a tree.

5. Windchimes

Listening to windchimes has never put me in a bad mood, even my anxious mind is soothed and calmed. Thinking about the breeze, the day you’re in, and how really in the moment you are can calm the soul and soothe the worried mind. Breathe into that little space in your heart that reminds you how lovely you are, and seeing these chimes blow, remember you are blessed.

6. Build, or Plant, or Play, or Paint

Build a tree house. Construct a sculpture made of tinfoil and stones. Paint a scripture. Plant a seed. Make something significant to you, so when you wake up in the morning, sunshine streaming through the trees and into your house, you can look around and think, “I did that.” And then do it again today.

7. Mark your territory

If you have a place, there’s an opportunity, to create art, to draw on the walls, to wallpaper your bathroom, to move in together. There’s an awesome feeling, sliding a key into the door of a lock that fits to your very own place, and walking into a place that feels like peace. Make sure it’s clean, and bright and sunny, and makes your energy feel restored. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a place that isn’t fitting for you, make it fit. Create your dream home; do what you can with where you are and what you have.

We were born believing we were meant to work it out, we were going to make it, and we’d exceed  our own expectations. It’s hard,  cold truth; nothing is better than you, so let your shine out.

Sunshine, how can you attempt to settle your mind, and plant some peace in your world today?


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