Change is a Vacuum: Get Sucked In

This month has been a whirlwind for me, so many new and invitingly wonderful things are going on, all at the same time. Awesome to see that I’ve been holding the new job for over a month, as well as crushing it at yoga school. I’ve only a few trainings under my belt and already, I see yoga as a conditioning practice for mind, body, soul for me, for life!

When we’re guided on the path to our dreams, to roads beyond our immediate sight, it’s scary, and it’s not always clear. Despite knowing that I’d like to cultivate a strong and fulfilling career in medicine, fear’s still whispering in my ear, saying ‘ You’re not good enough!’, ‘it will take too long; give up’, or ‘ why bother?’

Despite knowing this path is the way for me, seeing others on theirs can be challenging, or disheartening for me, as I wonder why I am not pacing along as quickly. The facts are, it’s coming, it’s happening, and I am started. I am so where I need to be, I know that. Seeing the inspiring posts, photos, and memos from others are just signals of a life unattached to outcomes created by others, & rooting down in the soil of self-truth and self-love seems like the best route to take when confronted with these fears.

Timing is essential, and so is trusting in the Divine Timing of your life; sell yourself on this, because it’s guided me through a lot. I’ve wished for boys to call me, ‘dream jobs’ to work out, to no avail, and for good reasons. I can honestly say everything that’s going on now in my life I 1. wouldn’t trade for anything else, and 2. couldn’t have predicted how sweet and happy I would feel.

Change is a vacuum; when you start to change one aspect of your life, no matter how small, everything else is sucked in. When I can see the future toe by toe, rather than yard by yard, or mile by mile, I get freaked out; don’t we all? We all see settling for less than we deserve, in life and love, as failure. The fact is, every step is a lesson, and there’s many times we will fail along the way, but you’ve got to trust the route.

Swat away any fears that buzz around in your brain like flies, tell yourself your Truth. Who knows what you can be, do, say, accomplish? Change is a motivator; when someone around you is starting something new and amazing, we’re thinking, “Hey! I can start something new and cool for me, too”. You’ve got to trust your intuition, you’ll know when you’ve found it, and, if you haven’t, my God, keep searching.

There’s not a limit on this; there’s endless education, money, effort, people to support you on your way, but you don’t have endless time. Think of what you’re worth for one hour of time; is it worth it for you to squat away your money/time on whatever it is you are doing, because, if it isn’t, let it go. Something new and more wonderful will slip into its place.

This is what I feel to be correct; seeing others succeed helps me to succeed. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it to motivate someone else. If you know in your heart that a place, a person, or an idea is the real deal, commit to seeing where it goes, no matter what the opinion is of those friends and folks around you. If I’d stayed where I was, I wouldn’t be happy, but maybe my parents and some friends might have been, as I was in a stable and cool environment.  Thankfully, I trusted my instincts, and my friends and family are slowly seeing how I am where I am for a reason.

If there’s one thing I can say to you, it’s this: start with a single step, a pebble thrown in a pond, and begin exactly where you are today. Say to yourself, ” Self, I’ve tried X, now, we’re going for Y.”

If you feel ‘it’, then follow its path.


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