a love like New Years

a love like New Year’s


the night before the world begins anew

everything’s golden,

we sparkle

scattered marbles on the floor

ok we won’t move anymore, and

ow, my feet are sore,

then, all is quiet;

arms down, turned down, they hurt-

it’s beginning,

for us,

in time, and weeds grow like vines

we won’t hate on ourselves, we stay


as the ball drops, or


in disbelief at the shape of our skin but


our bellies in

and look

out at cheeks shining lips parting eyes burning for a love that’s so bright

it glows like New York City at night

its armchair easy, like catching up with an old friend

I’d drive for miles just to wake up to that face

you see my teeth, glowing in moonlight

and I stand

in starlight by a kitchen chair

my god, I love those eyes

pieced together like cars; touch all your scars because they remind me

of who you were when I first met you

I let you

in, because we’ve been together before; it’s not personal

ease of use,

when its time,

she flies. hi

outward, onward, upward, with Grace

wind streamed face

fingers shooting sparks- things like

make him breath again, guide her home again

I feel better than I did before, she thinks then

I devoured the best of you, just the same,

game, easy on your lips

and then the phones ringing, singing; baby, the beginning

then I wake, fire in my heart like a broken building burning, yearning

brightly, lighting me, sighting me, hey, Day

there’s wherever you came from, and then there’s where you are

bar none i lit up the sky you’re looking at


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