Thanks for Living!

Be grateful for what you’ve already got- everyday.

Thanks to God every morning and night; life isn’t as hard as we seem to think it is. God’s watching, and the whole Universe has your back.

Children, work, blooming gardens, heart filled hands- never ignore the signs of a miracle, or living in one.

Your calling, the thing that stirs your heart, makes your eyes light up, brings you joy, inspires you to call your mom. Give it away, give it away; give it all away. It will come back to you, or it wasn’t yours. Whenever you find yourself in the flow, when Spirit moves in you, give yourself a chance- you’re in it, your passion, your LIFE!

There’s an opportunity everyday to live oppressed, repressed, all bundled up in emotions of fear and burdened down with weight you don’t want. There’s also an option to live loudly, with joy, giving away your gifts, being there with all you have for someone. Hold on, and have faith, something wonderful is going to happen, and someone will bring you joy today, keep it together!

Things will come together quickly, but they can fall apart just as suddenly. If you’re happier when you’re helping someone else, if a part of you sees God in a babbling brook or a tree or a flower, if you’re inspired by babies and dogs and blueberry bushes, connection’s an asset to you- grow it. Don’t give up on that because, baby, this is just the beginning.

In the future, whether its five months, five days or a year from now, you’re going to sit on a hard tile floor working on your gifts. You’re going to challenge yourself and another to do the impossible, something no one knew we were capable of. You will carry another across the finish line. And, in your life, by the time its through, if you’ve inspired someone to give it all they’ve got, taught a small child about the birds and the bees, been on top of the world when you’ve had your doubts you’d ever make it, in case you’ve wondered, this is it. This is your life.

Get out and live it, someday, there’s not going to be time, there’s not going to be youth flowing through your veins and energy to live, live, live in your heart. Someone won’t respect you as much as they do today; work on that respect. How is it possible we think 90 years is long? It’s not.

Pray for guidance, ask for strength, and give it all you’ve got. Seek clarity, see and feel the shift within you, within us all. If you’ve been shielding yourself from your own light, from your own potential, truth seeker you, seek your own light before you seek out another’s to grow from. I know what this means; do you?

Be in love with your life, every minute of it. Please settle not. Don’t settle, don’t settle, don’t settle. For anything that doesn’t bring you peace, bring you love, bring you home, bring you joy, and all at once, every day, every every day. Seek unity, and solidarity, and the feeling of being on a team, always. In love, in sports, in healing, in nature, in work, in home. Seek solidarity, seek trust, seek truth, in everything you do. Seek to be honest.

And one day, in exclamation, we’re going to laugh- something’s aren’t as hard as we made them seem, simply put.


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