Wouldn’t it be nice if when we walked around, there were big bubbley orbs floating, and when you stepped into one, you could see a potential life for yourself? Like, step into the ‘Move to Chicago’ bubble and visualize your life there, or move on further down the road to the ‘Meet the Girl of Your Dreams’ bubble, and see for yourself how that would feel. Something about this idea intrigues me; we’re always wondering if we’re settling. People never see what they have, when they’ve got it because they choose not to see.

Why are we consumed with the idea of hardship? The concept of a struggle is in so much; ‘A for effort’, ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’, ‘hard work pays off’. For once, easiness should be appreciated; the ease of use, ease of enjoyment- how about ‘easy like Sunday morning’; to take a vacation now and again, and not be seen as worth less or laziness. How come people don’t use all their vacation days?!

The busier someone is, the more accomplished she seems, but in reality, her insides may be freaking out! Can we actually say ‘I’m great!’ when someone asks us how we are, rather than ‘I’m so slammed!’, ‘busy!’, or ‘running around like crazy.’ Why does one seem so important having uttered the phrase ‘I’m slammed’, but seems so weak in comparison, having said the phrase ‘I’m happy’,’I’m loved’, or ‘I’m open’?

We put off making ourselves happy, it’s true; we procrastinate pleasure to feel pain to instill in us that to struggle is to live. However, in the process, we forget that pleasure is part of living, too, and in being happy, we connect with our Divine. We’re so used to denying ourselves the simple pleasures of a vacation without checking an email, a phone call without browsing Facebook at the same time, or a world where we don’t multitask, it’s foreign to us when someone knows how to sit still, work quietly, or be happy alone.

Is this why we’re so scared of love, or the unknown? Because we’re used to having so many balls in the air, we’re unable to fathom what may happen should we let them all drop and just be. Personally, I love whole-heartedly, so I know the weight.  I feel we are better off having thrown our whole selves into something, than  half-heartedly, which is the same as loving not at all.  That’s better than false or lukewarm love, no one wants love warmed up! Start loving spectacularly. Synchronizing and harmonizing with the Universe, your persistence in choosing openness is worth more than your validation in choosing fear.

I challenge you, in 2015, to take a trip somewhere you’ve never been, and spend a whole week without checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or your phone, and call your sister from a payphone instead. I stand firmly by the belief that looking into someone’s eyes while they’re talking will help you listen. See a movie and notice how many times your hand cramps, searching for your phone, be aware of your breath instead. Enchantment exists; don’t make it seem so hard.

Maybe we choose to distract ourselves with so many gadgets and devices so we’re never really seeing how full of love and wonder our lives could be. If you’re so aware of how many friends you have on Facebook, but so unaware of how many breaths you’ve taken today, seems like there are wires crossing. Give into the good; allow yourself vacations, benefits packages, beautiful houses, lovers who look at you like maybe you are magic, and so on. Forget for one minute the busyness propaganda you’re seeing all around you, and really take a good look around. Do you like what you see?

Fall in love! Please yourself and travel, stop procrastinating your own happiness by distracting yourself with the mundane. By giving into the mundane, you are taking away another second you could spend with the Divine, allow this, thinking out loud.


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