Born Again\ This Time

You’re an angel.

I thought it’s understood that when you’re coming out of the womb, you’re about to embark on a magical, sometimes crazy, crazier than anything and everything, adventure. Did you realize?

If you’d think of it like this, it might bring you joy. Whether it was good or bad, every single event in your life brought you right here, right now, to where and who you are. See? It’s all happening, all the time, and all around you. Seeing things clearly, being thankful for your sweet life, and the fine gifts you’ve been handed, allow a deep-set appreciation and purpose sink into your bones.

And just like that, you are brought to a new adventure, a happy ending, fresher eyes, an event that changes your life, and everything’s spinning, including you. Then, your eyes are clouded, and they’re not clearing for anything!

“It’s probably going to get better,” you say. It’s hope- the little bird that sings amidst flames.

“What about next week, what about next month?” we say, unable to grasp the beauty of this perfect moment, here and now. “How will I get there,” we complain, looking around at what others have, or have been given, feeling lost.

Are you so loved?

Absolutely, and there’s the start; a rebirth.

Allow yourself the gift, having signed up for this blessing, this life. “I was brought to this,” you exclaim, joyous with the relief.

This thing; it is perfect, and there are many more days to come- love.


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