Something to Believe in

There are times we please others, making ourselves miserable. There are pockets of life where we’re forced to do what someone else sees for us, being told by another what’s best for us; don’t make this mistake, now.

I’ve been feeling self-doubt and insecurities crop up around things for me this week. Usually, I find myself to have perseverance, tolerance, and balance within myself, as I stumble without falling in new situations. Sometimes, there are insecurities that crop up, saying to me, “Born for this? No, you weren’t!”, “They’re thinking you’re stupid,” or “People don’t care about each other the way you think”, and the like, it’s love that gets rid of each and every fear we face.

What does this do to me? It renders me paralyzed with fear, unable to make a move or switch an emotion because I feel so stuck. It’s all fear-based; insecurities and self-doubt that creep in, blocking me from my own happiness. Sometimes, I feel the guilt of letting go of these fears, almost like I should be holding onto them for another reason, if only to challenge myself to overcome them. Other days, like today, I feel grateful that I am so strong, confident and loving; I know my worth, and challenge you to see the same.

These thoughts of self-destruction are imagined; they’re not real. Whatever you think you are, you are it- personally, I’ll tell myself positive, energetic, kind and strong over fear-based words like ugly, stupid, unloving or unworthy, because that’s how I’d rather spend my time, with someone who loves me: MYSELF!

If we walk around all day in our own heads, muttering excuses to ourselves about why we quit A or gave up B, we’d never get anywhere new. Fear keeps us locked into the past, into a suit of armor that clinks and clatters when we’re trying to give up the comfortable weight of our fears to unlock our true potential. This needs to be said; fear’s an emotion made to alert you of the danger in your life. When you’re fearful of things that are actually good for you, your position becomes,  ‘what about this makes me scared?’, ‘Is it being open, vulnerable and honest?’ ,’Is it unlocking a part of my past I don’t necessarily wish to confront alone?’

You’re sweet, you’re lovely, you’re honest; there’s something about you that shines, even in darkness, even when you’re alone. Start its evolution; start releasing those doubts about yourself- it’s time!


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