Thinking Out Loud

This life is personal.

That means: no one is responsible for your happiness. You get what you give away, so if you’re unhappy, look at your hands. Are you giving out insults or compliments, grief or gratitude, love or violence? Trying to spread as much joy and happiness in a world that’s filled with suffering; it’s how to be closer to God.

For what it’s worth, there’s so much personally happening for me this week; yoga teacher training, a new job, an exciting (really exciting) and beautiful openness with someone, and slowly letting it sink in, and enjoying it. I made these things happen. I applied for the job when I wasn’t happy, I opened myself up to someone truly loving, and I left an older version of myself to step into this intimacy and new notion of what ‘good’ is supposed to be.

What’s holding you back, try and be honest, and take a look at your life through a glass mirror. It’s only YOU that’s personally responsible for this life’s happiness, love, and light, so be open to it, by trusting the wisdom inside of you that belongs to something greater. See the shifts happening, BELIEVE in miracles, and they will occur. Be WILLING to make a change, to change yourself and really try to see yourself from a deeper place of healing, because that’s how it all begins. There’s so much, and enough happiness to go around; I’m serious. Lost love, lost careers or lost greatness; it’s never really lost. It’s offered up, recycled forward into a new and greater energy.

Do you know you deserve love, and joy, and peace, and happiness? Because you’re deserving of all of those beautiful things; things that God created knowing that’s why we’re here, to love and experience joy through intimacy, challenges, personal growth. Freedom’s not just from a prison cell. It also comes when you lift the weight, of the guilt, the marriage, the job, of whatever isn’t working for you, and just feel free.

How is it possible that’s the truest thing you’ve ever read? Well, because it’s true- personally and literally.

Also, I love you; like, a lot.


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