Fearlessness & Choir Songs

a mustached man
goes to my church
wears a number one dad pinky ring
with pride
wave his hand in the air
and spreads peace
some people snort
think he’s a fool
for doing what no one does
acknowledging everyone
but I admire him
for being so fearless
sometimes he brings his mother
and he waits before she sits
to sit
and walks behind her
to make sure she doesn’t trip
on the old church floor
he walks around the pews
grasping hands
with people he doesn’t know
until he has shaken all
I know I should be focusing
on what Father Suchandsuch is saying
but in this little man
I’ve found my faith
in the human condition
he loves
without knowing
if he will be loved back
is the ability
to display your peace sign
to a congregation
of old farts and screaming children
then turn around
smile at your mother
and sing so clearly everyone can hear
your hallelujah


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