Have Yourself a Balanced Life: Out of Hope

How are you doing, reading this blog, on the internet? How’s it all going? Is the grind getting you down, or you feeling uplifted and positive? Maybe you are sitting in an armchair, and this will be an easy read, or maybe you’ve been disagreeing with someone, and it seems harder to bear.

There’s something magical about the holidays, something so beautiful and pure about the relationships that happen here. Sometimes, it’s healthy; sometimes, things are better left unsaid, cookies un-eaten, and drinks un-poured. A friend and I had a discussion, that was my inspiration for today: balance.

When you’re striving towards a goal, seems so hard and far to reach that pleasant place, the touchdown, the finish line, the end goal. When you’re working nights like a maniac to make your rent, or when you’re feeling the winter blues, something inside says to stick with it. Things come together when they need to come together. Don’t let yourself come unhinged, under it all.

The balance comes in, if you’re a mother, a wife, a worker, and an active person. If you’re open to it, touch as many lives with love as possible. If you see life as a lane to do one thing at a time, career first, then love. Family first, then career, you miss out, because you’re sectioning your lives into little boxes and sometimes, sweetie, life is a mess!

You heard me: I love living, I love how messy it is, I love when someone’s eyes sparkle when they’re in love, and I’d rather do it imperfectly all at once, then do it right one time. I love working, I love loving, and I think we can do it all at once. Sometimes, balance means allowing yourself the gift of lifting the disguise of your imperfections, and silencing the voice inside that’s telling you you can’t.

Life isn’t meant to be lived in one lane, something inside us all says to share the road, allow others in. Allow yourself the gift. Don’t tell anyone you’re too busy, life isn’t meant to be lived racing around the track, start seeing things from this point of view. Wake up on the other side of the bed, dance around the room, text someone you haven’t heard from recently. Sing!

This isn’t just for you, people; it’s for me, too. Sometimes, we are singing alone, nothing tops it. Then, we’re adding in more voices, until a harmony is made. Letting the others chime in can be hard; do it. For me. For you.


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