The Way to Get Where You’re Going, & to Become Who You Want to Be

Where are you going? There’s many places to choose. I asked myself this question this morning, and I felt like I saw. It was light there, at a summer house on the lake. I was happy, so happy, laughing. I was holding a baby, looking at the lake. My husband was there, in my mind, he took the shot. Are you going to have this, my brain asked? It felt warm, and whole, and home.

There’s so much, at one time, that we can feed our energy toward. Love, money, career, friends, acquiring possessions, travel, nurturing family, or our community. We all have outlets, and ideas, for how we see ourselves, and how we see our lives going. My vision, like a raindrop, landed suddenly and unexpectedly, when I didn’t hear it coming. The best events in our lives tend to be small and surreal surprises.

How do I get there? Once I crafted this image, love, warmth, happiness, home, a family, I know I won’t settle for anything less. The feelings in that room were feelings I’ll love all my life, and the family’s such an inspiring piece in my story. Letting it go, then seeing how it comes back to you- this is a way to get rid of fears, or misleading doubts.

Your picture can come true- start piecing together the parts of your life, and your happiness, will you? It’s going to give you a treasure chest, a map, that no one can take away from you. If you’re sure you’d love to feel love, then you’re not going to settle for someone who isn’t showing you love. If you’re interested in a happy life, you won’t allow yourself to be unhappy.

You’re letting go, acknowledging your own self-worth, allowing yourself to begin.


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