Letting Go Isn’t Letting Go of Who You Are


Exactly when did you see yourself as who you’re working towards today?

You know what I mean. You’re working today, towards a goal, down a chosen path, which YOU chose. When did it start? What was the catalyst?

Maybe you had a bad breakup. She left you, struggling to survive, so you found the Light, or boxing, a new career; anything. Then, you’re a new person.

But what keeps you there? Is it because you’re on a committed path to yourself?

Have you ever seen a baby laugh? They’re so cuddly, it comes right up and out of them, like bubbles. No thought, no pause, not a self-doubt or self-worry about the other folks in the room. A laugh, like a sunrise, that works its way into the world, making it more beautiful than before.

You’re like that, you know. A ballerina in a city park, something beautiful in an unexpected place. A fine gift to those around you. You’re walking your chosen path, and opening doors, or brushing fingertips on them as you go, checking if they’re right for you.

Don’t worry; letting go doesn’t mean saying sorry (always), it means you’re taking the reins. There’s nothing to be scared of, there’s nothing to fear. It’s opening yourself up to what is new and blooming in you.

You’re made up of a lot of things; things like energy, like love, and like hope. Yes, you, you’re always shining, inside, and out, so allow yourself to brighten the room.

When you leave something, or someone, behind, or a thought process, a pattern or behavior, that’s not who you are. Today, starting now, say to yourself, “I am light. I am hope. I am love.” Your intuition rises like a balloon; catch it. Swallow the words you’ve uttered to yourself for too long, the shuns and shames and can’t. Freedom is calling, will you answer?

You’re rising, like dough, like the sun, or the moon, in a space and time meant for you. How will you allow yourself to prosper?


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