How Improving Yourself Changes the World

There’s something about the New Year, requires one to wake up to oneself, reorganizing internal memories, shifting old patterns and habits, and making room for what is now new.

How’s it going to look for you in another year, another place, another apartment, city, relationship? How’s it looking for you, now? Who’s the real habit changer, you, or the season?

‘Tis the season; let it go.

How’s your new resolve holding up? Is it weathering the storm of being single through the Holidays, through being alone under a furry blanket through the New Year? Are you open to new ideas and thoughts?

What about this: improving your life, one day at a time, takes effort, but it is with this effort that you improve the world.

WHOA! I’ll say it again: improving yourself is how to change the world.

Whatever it looks like for you, say, going back to school because you’ve woken up to your Truth and Purpose, and see yourself as a Naturopathic Doctor, it’s going to change the outer world. It’s going to shake you up, grill you, make you see yourself in a new light. When you commit to a life of self-improvement, you’re committing to honor yourself, and venturing beyond your comfort zone.

How’s it been so far? Have you ever seen someone with glazed eyes, pretending to enjoy staring into a computer screen, or taking a shower only to feel new again? What about someone else, who’s lost all hope of being who she once was? What about you? Don’t forget, you’re here.

You’re. Still. Here.

That’s one way to put it out there, to the Universe, to God, or Buddha, or whomever/whatever you’re a believer in, that you’re not sinking. There’s so much for you out there, in little boxes, in words, in tears, and lips that shine- don’t dull yourself. Will you wake up to your own Truth, your own potential? Allow yourself the beautiful feeling for the next year, something along the lines of:

“I am worth everything. I am worth love, and excitement, and a challenge, and a beautiful love story.”

Then, pursue it. Un-glaze your weary eyes. Plug into something new, and take the plunge.


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