The Newest Year, The Perfect Place


There’s nothing like a new year looming for new perspective blooming.

How was your 2014? Did you take chances? Did you fall in love, maybe once, maybe twice? I did, so much has happened. I got in touch with myself, who I truly am and what I yearn for. I gave up a substance, and started a new beginning. I began to really work on my relationship with myself, over someone else. I take my time, so it’s okay if things move slowly, because they are moving. I gave up living for someone else’s idea, and began to see life through my own lenses. I saved money, and I spent it.

Whatever it is that’s holding you back, let it go. Respect yourself enough to give yourself what you truly want. Feel appreciated, by YOU. Take someone into your life who challenges you, not admonishes you. Play! Hold hands, light fireworks, stay out late. Get up early- travel. Yearn, grow, learn, let go. Begin all over, when things don’t work, sometimes when they do.

You’re going to travel. You’re going to leave a place, and in leaving smaller parts of yourself scattered, you allow newer, larger, more open pieces to grow. You’re going to love, first yourself, then another. You will find love. You will find freedom. You’ll give yourself a second chance, a second change. I have not begun this as a way to speak only to you; I am speaking to myself, too.

This is our year; start having conversations about things you’ve been putting off. Try something new. Give someone a break, you’ll thank them someday, for their teachings. Let yourself be free, and in love, and simply happy. Change what no longer serves, or doesn’t make you grow. In doing so, you’re discovering who you are.

Allow yourself peace, and forgiveness, but most of all, let yourself bloom.