How a Morning Routine Can Change Your Life


Human beings love ritual.

We do; it’s in our nature. Baby, we were born this way- designed to ebb and flow with the lay of the land and the freedom that came with exploring the wilderness. Then, we made babies, and held houses, and craved stability. Stability comes from more than a 9-5 paycheck; it’s in the simplistic pace of life, on the way home from work, stopping to chat with a neighbor. It’s a ritual of systems and rules and haphazardness removed, to pave way for something real.

Truth is, we have tons of ways to explore, we don’t always use them. Winging it is sometimes the realest solution for getting out of a rut and coming undone, for God knows what. Your buying what’s on sale, saving those pennies for a rainy day, and being good on Sundays by going to church or removing yourself from gossip doesn’t take away the threat of a tumor or a missing child. Living reminds us we are here, we are alive, we have breath, we are a Gift.

How do you set your life up in such a way that its not packed tight like Styrofoam, not booked to the brim with dentist appointments and manicures, and allow yourself space to discover who you really are, or what you truly search for? If you were me, this would me a morning routine, a ritual, to look forward to , as you lay in your lover’s arms, awaiting the dawn, or beginning each day with an Offering; yourself.

1. Go to Bed Tired

Why is this step one? Because this ensures your sleep will be unburdened. Turn off electronics an hour before bed; your Pinterest and Instagram accounts can wait. Don’t try to chase sleep; but rather, allow it to fold into you, like a baby being tucked in. Set an alarm, and get up when it goes off. You’re living a new day.

2. Step out of Bed the Second Your Alarm Goes Off

Seriously; explore the possibility that your body WANTS to rise with the sun and your mind/dreams are the ones that are holding YOU back from living the life of your dreams. Do this everyday.

3. Have a Happy Dance

Turn on music you like, blast it loud! Get up, show up, rise up, and dance. Go on, do it! Start your day, happy. Wear pajamas or not, being open to the morning and the tune that the Universe has in store for you.

4. Meditate

Once you’re free of the dreams and sleep that covered you from the night before, be sure to sit still, even if just for five minutes, to become one with your breathe. If thoughts come, look at them like clouds, but focus on the sky. Five minutes, daily.

5. Journal

Set a timer- 10 minutes. Put pen to paper, and do not look up or do anything else for 10 whole minutes. Do this once a day. It works; trust me. You’re going to see it.

6. Pancakes, or Whatever Your Weekend Breakfast Is

Or whatever your weekday breakfast ISN’T. You like carbs? Good, load ’em up! Feeling bad or down in the dumps about a boyfriend? Clearing the clutter from your mind through the first five steps, allow yourself to live richly here. Step into the weekend. Who cares if it’s only Monday? You deserve the best, even on a weekday. Get rid of that oatmeal, and make your damn weekend breakfast. ( If your weekend breakfast IS oatmeal, then, by all means, have a second helping…!)

7. Bathe, and Relax

Allows you to clean yourself, from the inside out, starting with breathe and working down to feet. Get to know your body, one lathery layer at a time. Think; stop what you’re doing and feel these words, they feel good. Cover yourself in soap and rinse off the residue. Shine.

8. Expect Miracles

Show up.


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