you’re hoping this is where you belong

it is your dance, this life. How long does it last? When the page turned, you came into existence. What else existed before you did? We are here to experience, to learn, to give and to grow. How else would something so bright have started from something so dark?

Where is your soul, housed in your body or housed in another’s? How do you use your time, with intention or physicality? Do you even know how long you have been meandering along, unaware of your power?

When you’re sure of something, it is guidance.

I am sure;  light, love and essence all remind us of the same thing, that we are loved.

Wyoming, how you shine in light and dark, Vermont, when you’re sad and cold until California when you’re ready to love again.

There is a place for you , can’t hear it in your voice but trust me, I’m sure.

The same way I see women smile watching their children play on grassy knolls and the way you look when you look into the eyes of stars, it’s the same.

We are all wondering, how long does it take to realize your time is infinite?


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