I walked into a…

I walked into a church
punched all the windows out
to let in the light
‘is this what you wanted from me!’
stained my blood
I bow at the alter
feeling the weight of my kneel
why’s it have to be so hard
Feels so desperate
I’d go to church more often
if you’d show up there
my soul feels tortured
how come all this is happening
or was it just a dream
and why is He so far
can’t He just come down and speak with me
I love you so much it is killing me.
letting the alter soak me up
letting the water heal me up
bit my tongue
my teams come undone
the eyes close
this church is so damn small
the hot heat that stems from heartache
is far too wide
it feel like death
only no one’s dying
you’ll never get out alive
leave a light on
it takes the end of time
or is this gospel just humming
a sad tune,
the beginning.
my throat aches from shrieking
i wish i could be this cold to you
maybe this time,
things will be different
careful what you wish for


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