You’re Loved: Ways to Remind Yourself How Spectacular You Are!




When you’re sad, remember this: you’re loved and we are all in this together. There is so much coming your way, longways and shortways, upways and downways; you would never be sad if you knew it all! I will be here for you, through thick and thin. 

Ways to remember how truly amazing you are:

1. allow yourself the space to meditate.

2. open a new book, or a journal, sit down and write yourself a love letter.

3. wake up and stretch instead of showering first thing.

4. make a pie and put a smiley face on it.

5. try a new instrument, or way of expressing yourself.

6. give yourself a present.

7. try on a pair of shoes that make you feel ah-mazing!

8. when you’re amazing, you look amazing- start a fun beauty ritual.

9. walk around the block

10. treat yourself as well as you would if you were your own significant other. Think, dinners, movies, good smells, shaving ( if you want to!), bubble baths, luxury, and reminding yourself how lucky you are to have found you. Repeat.

What else can you do to remind yourself how awesome you are today?


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