This is Your Year: 2014 ( make it so)


This year I want you to know a couple things. One, inside of you, you possess a magic that is all your own. Two, you are amazing, twirling in a carefully-crafted story of your own making that will lead to your ultimate passionate destiny. Three, whenever you feel terrible, remember to look up and realize that you are just as much a miracle as the stars or the bits of glass that cling to trees after it snows.

When there is pressure to feel a certain way, act a certain way or be someone who you are not, remember that you are lovely, you are unique, and by God, are you beautiful~ do you even know how special you are?

When you are confused, wandering along a life path that you are not sure is your own, stop, look around, and quickly tally the small and large miracles around you in that second. The next thing to realize is, you are not alone. Raise you hand if you have ever felt lost or alone. This sentence took me so long to type because I don’t type so fast with one hand. You are amazing.

When you think you’re not doing what you’re ‘supposed to’ be doing, or what you WANT to be doing, start doing what you really want to do. I know, I know; you see, I have bills to pay too, and I have anxiety about paying back student debt and creating a legacy all my own,  but you have to start somewhere, someone has to be the first, to give up the comfort for creativity, to sacrifice safety for Sacremento, or whatever exploration means to you. Please, I encourage you, you are pleasing no one but yourself in this life, even if  you think you will let those you love down- so what? Whose to say your choice won’t lead to your ultimate paradise?

When you want to give up, throw in the towel, when life gets you hot and bothered or cold and angry, think of the springtime; it is so snowy before flowers uncurl their petals and greet the sun. Imagine yourself like a flower, unfurling her petals before a hot, fiery sun. You have no idea the potential that lives in the base of your soul.

When you please anyone other than yourself for too long, your heart and mind become numb, attuned to others’ feelings and situations because you think pleasing them will please you. No! Stop it! That is no way to live, and no way to die, neither. Your future 90 year old woman or man self will hold up a sign in a mirror one day, saying ‘Thank you for doing that thing you did that year you decided to live for YOU, just YOU, because it altered the course of my life path forever.’

Take that step. How scary is it to try something new? What if you tried it so often  you perfected the art of taking care of yourself by exploring one inch further outside your comfort zone everyday?

Stir your coffee spoon in the opposite direction today- it could change  your whole life.


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