How to Be Happy

Act like the sunrise, and let yourself go, in many different directions, spreading joy wherever possible.

In the morning, breathe first through your nose, then out through your mouth. Remember all the gifts you have been given, so you can start your day on a bright note.

Sing and dance when you feel like singing and dancing, remember the little moments you have felt loved, tuck them in your chest so you can remind yourself when you need cheering up.

Start again, as often as you need to. Don’t be afraid to live.

Stay , then go. You’ll know, and realizing it is halfway where you need to be.

Say you’re sorry, when you’re wrong, and sometimes, when you’re right. It is up to you to admit your failings, if someone does not accept your apology, that is their fault, not yours.

Be accepting, we are all carrying weights of difference sizes and burdens are heavy to hold alone.

Be open-minded, as much as possible, and congruent with your morals.

Love, the time will come when you will come to find out it was so much easier than you thought. It will be a wasted thought, though, without the action.

Stop speaking, and start listening.

When you feel upset or alone, take down the pictures of things that no longer serve you, and put something bigger in its place. You’ll feel better, I swear.

Let the little things eat you up, sometimes, they are the big things. If you find yourself in the ‘flow’ while organizing your stationary or washing your dishes, allow the peace to come.

Realize that you have more potential than you could even imagine, and unburden yourself. Letting go is God’s way of giving you peace.

Rest. Allow yourself to flourish in the nighttime, even when you’re sleeping.

I know there are countless things to add here, and more to say than even I can put into words, but ‘ thank you’ seems as good a start as any; love, give thanks, and forgive, you will be happier than you could bet.



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