100 Reasons to Stop and Be Happy Right Now

Stop waiting to be thinner, or smarter, or more well-read, or in love before you let yourself be happy. Just because your cousin was cheated on by someone does not mean it has to happen to you, either. Let freedom right your reasons for not accomplishing something, let go of your fear. Have pleasantries with others, love yourself a little more than yesterday, and trust your instincts. By God, trust yourself, man! Trust that you can do so much. Your realness is showing- let it out!

Here are 100 Reasons to Stop, Breathe, Smile, Hope, and be Happy right now- no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

100. you’re a little wiser than you were last night. you’re a little bolder, maybe, and a little more pleasing to yourself.

99. there is only one of you, in the whole world. hold yourself like the true gem you are. you are rarer than rare.

98. birds can fly- how do they do that? stop and admire one today.

97. there are 100s of lessons to be learned in this life, and you’re living one right now. what is it?

96. pens and pencils and the smell of fresh school supplies, one of the greatest joys of being a little kid- or a teacher!

95. homework doesn’t exist for us anymore, or maybe it does- but it is homework you choose!

94. you are loved.

93. sun’s rays when you get out of the pool, and drying off in the sun, or laying in the grass.

92. frog’s legs, and other strange delicacies. how did humans think of this stuff? Food is so special , and precious. Treat it like that- really savor your meals this afternoon.

91. Boston, or New York, or Chicago. There are so many cities to visit, to feel the energy and hopefulness of the millions of people who cluster there. Why not plan an excursion?

90. tea

89. dressing up and feeling like the handsome prince or perfect princess that you really are.

88. inspiration, in art, music, poetry, motion, love, God, trees, dogs.

87. nature walks, and picking up leaves.

86. children- smiling, laughing, playing; their joyful heart-ed innocence can lift anyone’s spirits.

85. a first kiss, a first date, and maybe, just maybe, one day it will be a last first kiss. isn’t that exciting, to imagine there is someone for everyone? Or that there’s not, and maybe we’re just put here to love as much as possible. If so- do it. Go right now, love somebody. Maybe yourself, first.

84. medicine, and those healers who know how to screen for cancer, and disease, and fight infection. so cool.

83. love.

82. giving gifts to others, and receiving them, and saying ‘thank you’

81. NOT accidentally hitting ‘reply all’- phew, crisis averted.

80. dragons, and unicorns, and anything your imagination ( or someone else’s ) can dream up.

79. the pleasing scent of candles burning in a messy room, or a clean one.

78. face painting

77. good dancing, watching it or doing it yourself.

76. trying something new and finding you’re good at it

75. having access to things like health care, free wifi, dishwasher fluid, garbage cans, running water, clean housing, a bed, and all of those little things that are actually quite grand.

74. being able to say ‘I’m sorry’ and truly mean it.

73. sharing something with someone you’ve just met.

72. solitude.

71. writing on the first page of a blank journal- the possibilities are truly endless, aren’t they always?

70. being a good friend to someone, and having someone return the favor.

69. going to a new country, and experiencing a new culture and way of life different than your own.

68. how many millions of people have been born since you were born. think of all the astronauts and doctors and tour guides that haven’t even been born yet, and what they might accomplish in their lifetime?

67. bread.

66.  Christmas, or Chanukah, or Kwanza, and gathering with your families around your culture’s own special holiday.

65. skiing, or snowboarding, or playing in a snowstorm- nothing better on a wintery day.

64. cuddling.

63. bruises on knees after an epic soccer match, or softball game, when you had so much fun.

62. the runner’s high- it exists.

61. how many secrets you’ve kept in your life, and how many people have kept yours.

60. mothers.

59. listening to a new song, and discovering what could be your new favorite song.

58. the thought that anytime you want, you can pick up and go somewhere new, with enough guts.

57. panda bears. they really are so cute.

56. how long it takes to write a novel, and all of the authors that have already done that. it could be you one day!

55. family.

54. the smell of pine trees.

53. people watching from a park bench, or in the mall, or sitting on a side street. people are so interesting.

52. being home alone and sliding across the floor in your socks, wearing only your robe

51. sports games in bars when the favorite team in the world series is winning

50. art.

49. how many stars are in the sky at night.

48. you’re one in 8 billion, something crazy, that you are truly not like anyone else.

47. self- love, in the forms of bubby baths, or knowing when you need a day off.

46. laying in bed.

45. hot chocolate after coming in from the cold.

44. crackling campfires in the summertime.

43. the sound of clapping, or applause, when something momentous happens.

42. trees

41. giraffes.

40. tears of joy upon seeing someone you know you love

39. gearing up for a snow day

38. your laugh, there’s nothing like it!

37. koalas.

36. writing in a new journal, and knowing there’s nothing like the first line on the first page.

35. being a good Samaritan.

34. opening the dictionary and realizing how many things there are you don’t already know- it’s wonderful.

33. really happily exclaiming joy.

32. singing.

31. wine tastings

30. dollar stores

29. doggie kisses.

28. victory dances, silly as they can be, as awesome as they can be.

27. grandfathers.

26. Beethoven, classical compositions, the melody moves you.

25. re-reading a childhood favorite book.

24. the tinkling of a shop bell when a new customer walks in.

23. litters or hoards of puppies or kittens, so adorable!

22. doctors, dentists, nurses, people are trained to keep people healthy.

21. chocolate croissants

20. gameboys- remember those?

19. happy babies, and happy mothers wheeling them in strollers

18. confidence

17. love, in all forms.

16. waking up early, on the weekend, and getting a lot done with your day.

15. feeling useful.

14. skydiving, or mountain climbing, or something that makes one feel really aware of their bodies and really aware of the wonder of nature.

13. bike paths

12. carpool lanes

11. the moon

10. how many breathes you have taken to get to this day. don’t take that for granted!

09. when you feel the first butterflies towards someone you like.

08. middle school, and when it was over.

07. trains, and feeling like an old timer, watching life pass by the window

06. science.

05. liberal thinking that allows you to express your thoughts in a world that supports your taking action

04. driving down a dirt road

03. reuniting.

02. parents (thank you)

01. the gifts you came here with- open your eyes, and see that you have so much more inside to give.


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