Forever Young

When you were younger, how did you expect your future would turn out? Would you be the belle of the ball, dancing into the arms of your sweetheart before you reached the ripe old age of 26? Where did you expect to be by 19, 20, 21? How long ago did you think , ” I truly can do whatever I can to make this life what I want it to be.” How long ago did you stop giving yourself the benefit of the doubt?

Whenever we are lost, we can look up to ourselves, the child version of who we are today. This small person lives inside of us, and often whispers to us to stay strong, get up, give more, try harder, open up, love a little more, and talk a little less. This small person offers advice, sometimes when we’re not willing to listen, and makes amends with the person who we are today, bridging the gap between your past and present. In the moment, we are fearless, taking what comes and braving the opportunities and struggles life offers us , but when we stop and think, we tend to over think, getting caught in an endless ‘what , why’ cycle. This would plague us until our dying breath, unless we stop, re-evaluate, breathe, and remember to be grateful for everything we already have accomplished. Our small person reminds us of that.

What is giving? How do we give? Time is giving, your time is the most precious commodity you have. When you give, you love. Loving  yourself is giving yourself time , too. Time to honor the small person that sits within us all, offering him or her tea and rest when needed, and saying , ‘ It’s all going to be alright; I love you and I am here’ when needed. There is an opportunity everyday to say, whenever I am sad, I am going to change that thought around that brings me down, and be radically happy instead.

So do it!


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