See Thoughts: Tips for Visualization, From a Real Person

Always be on time.

Get up early.

Get perspective by community efforts.

Make the most of your time.

Get a now life.

See your friends age.

What is the first thing you can think of that would be classified as a problem?

Can you fix it?

I’d fix it.

When you’re sad or upset, take up a hobby or sport. Find an exceptional sport or hobby that sparks your fancy and think about it during times of struggle.

Watch football, sometimes, if just for the chicken teriyaki wings and cheese fries.

What is love to you? Go out and do it. See the world through the eyes of a baby. How long ago were you a baby? Maybe writing down for each year you were alive one thing you learned at each age will give some perspective as to how far you’ve grown.

See tethers. Committed relationships, committed relationships in really good partnerships take work like everything. Be aware. See tethers in workforces; see how those are chained to their desk. Walk with yourself, first. Ask yourself, do you like this? So you know for next time.

See waters that are not of your shores. See lands that imaginary people would be impressed with. What is a living to you? Go out and make one, even if you’re making horseshoes, you’re doing something on your own.

See pears, apples, and fruit. Go on and eat them, suck them down, and let the juices drip down your chin. You’re only alive once, right? See what it feels like to shake sticky hand to sticky hand. There- this is what it feels like to be bonded. See commitments.

When you’re good and ready to do so, find someone nice. See yourself age, sometimes more than those around you, depending on your circumstances. See what it is that brings you down. See that go. And wish it well on its journey. See yourself happy, happier than the clams in the ocean, and happier than the birds in the sky.

See yourself as a design of your own creation. See yourself living up to your potential, as a soul mate, father/sister/brother/mother, and friend; see yourself in love. With you. See yourself with arms wrapped up and soul engulfed in the fiery temptress that is self-love.

See what happens when you think so much? See meditation, first.


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