How Far Do You Want To Go?

There is something really perfect about the idea that there is an open road in front of us all, and all it takes is two feet and some willpower to move. There are two things to remember when you’re walking down the road of life.

1- What do you want to live for?

2- What do you want to love for?

You are going to experience a precious commodity denied to many and awarded to a few who truly understand the value of it- time. What expectations do you have for this moment, and the next? What sort of pressures do you put on yourself to accomplish things that, as you do them, you are not highly happy?

Why? When you can love and live in harmony with your soul’s highest vibration, why waste more time doing something you cannot love? Perhaps there are things like money, friends, and lack of opportunities that we tell ourselves are the reasons we are not following our heart’s ambitions, but when you lie in your bed under a roof at night, do you remember what the money did for you, or do you wonder about what you gave up in order to get it?

What does your heart sing about? In sorting through our hobbies and pursuits to find our passion, or our true calling, one can recall the wise advice of someone who once said, “How does your life look? There are two ways to live- Good, or Bold.”

Because the true love of our hearts lies in DOING, not thinking, ACTING, not hesitating, and by DOING , we open up the doors that can lead up to the opportunities to do that which we desire. In fact , some of these ideas or opportunities cannot be fathomed by us because we can not even imagine how great they would be. Be good- or be bold, or neither, but neither is not an option when you have time on the table.

Boldness means getting up in the middle of the night because you hand is cramping with a story you must tell, NOW. Goodness is going back to school for a nursing degree because you want to take care of your sick grandpa. Boldness is goodness in another form.

What do you want to be- good, or bold? Are you ready to give up what you’ve got , in order to attract what you will receive?


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