Fantasize About the Love You Want

“You may say I am a dreamer, but I´m not the only one.” John Lennon

The famous words above come from a man who claimed he was a dreamer, however, his reality was pretty amazing, too. Why do you think this is, that years after the musician’s untimely death, people around the world are still quoting the lyrics and listening to the songs of the Beatles?

The Secret came out a few years ago, and a force of people from all countries and age ranges were trekking in herds to their local bookshelves to learn to manifest the magic for themselves. What do these two things have in common?

If you allow yourself room and time to grow the things you want to receive by dreaming about them, you allow them to grow in reality as well. How many times have you thought to yourself, ‘ I have to get a parking spot,’ not, ‘I have a parking spot.’ ? The thought of ‘ I want’ or ‘I have to get’ only prolongs the wanting or the act of getting, not the actual thing itself.

Wear your heart on your sleeve; be transparent about the thing you want, and act as if it is already yours. For example, if you wish to be a dancer, devour dance books, put dance posters on your wall, devote time to meditate on yourself as a dancer. Soon, you will find the courage to be in dance classes, and open yourself up to the opportunities that come along with this. There are several schools of thought on this idea, manifestation, by several different people throughout the ages, but mine is this: if you want it, make space for it, go try the first step, and the doors will open.

There are two things to do when you are beginning a manifestation practice. First, get super clear about what it is you want. Is it a car, a new job, or a boyfriend? Get as many details in as you can . Think, really focus, on the specific characteristics of a person you would hope to date, or the feelings they would spark in you, man or woman. Then, spend time with the idea, allowing it to grow. Dedicate some time aside from your normal work schedule to meditate, journal, and set the intention of what it is you want.

Free your mind from the outcome, this is arguably the most important step. If you want something, you have to plan for it, make room for it. You want a successful online business? Cut out the other crap you’ve committed to that serve others’ dreams, and not your own. If you want to go back to school, buy books, pencils, papers, set up a desk in your house, sell your TV, anything to remind you of being a student again, and enroll. Get the space for things you need by investing faith that they will come to you. For example, if you desire a soul mate, how come there is no space for that person’s belongings in your house? Are you weighed down with belongings or photos, mementos, from another life, another relationship? Get it all cleared out, and watch what you desire grow in the new space you have created.

The things you can have if you set your mind to it are amazing. For example, I meditated, created a vision board, and envisioned myself in the city of Buenos Aires, where I am right now. I put ‘hotel accommodation’ on my vision board, because I didn’t leave enough money for a hotel. I have a ‘hotel’ right now- I am staying with a friend of a friend, she suggested to him that he show me around the city and he let me stay in his house. 

Practice your meditation, outline your deepest desires, and practice love towards yourself, allowing these things to grow. Soon, the wildest things you could have ever dreamed, will come true. 


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