Heart, Open

ImageYou’re walking down the road of life, and you discover that the dust has finally settled, and you are alone. You are befriending yourself. It is a new world, one that you feel accepted and loved.

This is pleasing, for now you know the depth of your own existence.

When you embrace your solitude, you are truly able to see things as they truly are. Your goodness, or light, is shining through. There is no distraction or worry of what someone may think of you, or your choices, and it’s like your vocal chords are pulsing with your beating heart. How do you create this life for yourself?

You begin again. You start again. Don’t settle. Free your mind through meditation, music, running, yoga, writing; your heart is talking to your mind through these expressions of soul. You are a child of the Universe, and your light is a gift . You are opening yourself up in love, more and more , every day. Experiencing yourself, alone, before you are with someone, allows you to give yourself more wholly to another, as you’ve already experienced yourself. I know this is a lot, but you will find the person who will change you, for man is meant to have a perfect match.

Find yourself a good friend. Make this friend the love of your life, through sharing, thoughts of dancing in wildflower fields become realities, and someday you will think back to the day you forgot that the end of your arm didn’t end with their hand.

Dream of this person. Give them room, in your mind, your bed, your heart. More importantly, when you feel fear, or scared, this is because the person will change you. Let go of this fear. Allow the love you’re feeling begin to creep up your leg like ivy, wrap itself around your body until you are growing stronger together.

I would friend you. You are alone, again, then, your world is quiet. Listen to the space. Your heart is calling.


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