Appreciation: Be a Day Maker

I have a trouble lately, where I attempt to remember why I was put on earth. Not a terrible trouble, per say, but an aggravating one at best, as it really gets in the way of the everyday, mundane activities, like laundry, work, and getting in shape.

At any rate, the answer to the question, or the reason we are put on this earth,  is still inconclusive, as I do not know the answer. I know that any philosopher can propose several answers to the question, however vague, and we can collectively assume something. We are here for a free reason, in my opinion, to give and receive love.

Appreciation is at the best kind of love’s core. Appreciation is what makes you say, ‘ Honey, thanks for letting the dog out,’ instead of silently nodding your head as the dog, with Hubby in tow, comes back in from the rain. Appreciation is why we often stuff ourselves with brownies and cakes, searching for sweetness. If we are not constantly appreciating ourselves, and our colleagues, friends and neighbors, we are living a wasted life. This is the harsher reality; the important realization here, is that life is magical, and there is so much to be appreciated.

The first way to show your appreciation for another is simply to tell him or her. Thank someone for a seemingly small act of kindness that truly made your day.The best way to show someone your thanks is to totally make their day. Try it- give yourself the gift of making someone’s day, maybe even their whole week!

Showing Appreciation for Yourself or Others:

1. Give Flowers

What man or woman does not enjoy a beautiful bouquet, that just screams, ‘Smell me!’ This is a gift that keeps giving, especially if it’s to be enjoyed in your own home. Yes, the pleasing smell of flowers wafting throughout your home is worth the buy. Try giving flowers to say thanks for…well, just about anything! Thank yourself for running another mile this week. Thank your friend for staying up all night with you while you cried. Thank your mother for giving birth to you. The occasion isn’t the important piece, the gesture is.

2. Give Thank You Cards…in the Post

Seems like too often these days are filled with bustle and hustle, traffic, and get well, and thank you cards, get cast aside, as a token of yesteryear. Not so! Thank you cards are the best thing ever, and here is why. When was the last time you received a piece of mail that didn’t have your name printed on it by a computer, and big, bold bill due dates in the corner upon opening? Exactly. Sending a wee note to brighten up someone’s day might just make their whole month!

4. Thank the People Who Are Outside of Your Usual Thanks

Here is a bit of an unusual proposition, so hear me out. What is your cashier’s name at your favorite coffee shop? How about the gas attendant at the station around the corner from your house? What about the place where you pick your dry cleaning up? These people are in need of appreciation just like everyone else, and even more so, because they are less likely to receive it. What five things could you say to these folks, every couple of days or so , thank would really make them shine? ‘ Whoa! You did a great job on my shirts!’, ‘ I appreciate the smile and great energy while you make my coffee!’, or just a simple ‘I like how pleasant the atmosphere in your shop is.’ There are a few ways to appreciate someone, and words are some of the best ways!

5. Love Them

You’re a great friend, you are there for your colleagues on big deadlines, you get your Christmas cards out on time, you help your friends move. Why do you not feel appreciated in your life? Is it because you are placing expectations on the people around you while you do these things, instead of simply loving them, and accepting them? Often, I have been the brunt of a bruised ego, after I expected thanks for shelling out time, or energy, or money, in expectation of praise, thanks, or appreciation. The real way to experience this thanks would be to give freely and openly, and know that what you give will come back to you, in some way. Wherever you go, with who ever you go with, go with your whole heart, this way you will never be setting yourself up for let-down expectations!

There you go; a couple ways to make someone’s day. How would someone make YOUR day?


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