5 Ways to change a ‘no good’ day to a ‘no good reason’ good day


ImageThe guy who sits next to me is often laughing for no reason, filled with joy, and occasionally leans over to share a fun tip with me about how to achieve this level of stellar happiness. Today, he shared this:

‘This feels like one of those ‘no good reason’ good days!’

This, of course, gets me smiling just saying it- ‘ no good reason’ good day? But of course! Because why shouldn’t just breathing in breath,  laughing, arms wide at the sky, be an excuse to have a good day?

Well, I will share something with you. Before that, I was actually having an awful day. I am always concious of the thoughts zooming in and out of my head, and mine were things like, “Ugh, it’s so hot”, (when I had looked forward to bikini season all year) , “I am doing so badly” , (when I knew that I had hit my goals for the month), and other negative thoughts.

So how do you turn it around, when for some reason, your face is frozen in a frown, and there seems to be nothing good going on in your day? There are 5 easy steps.

1. Think of something good to say about every single thing in your line of sight.

This is a daunting task when you are surrounded by plants, people, ice cream machines, and paintings, but sit tight and hear me out! By acknowledging that the things in our immediate line of site are generous in being, lovely in presence, and doing good just by being in our direct line of view, we can change the atmosphere around us, and that can elevate even the stinkiest of moods.

2. Play outside.

I took a break in the middle of the day, and went outside. I heard the roar of cars cruising by, looked up at the bright blue sky, and felt the heat of the sun on the nape of my neck. Was I still miserable when I got back? Not as much! I actually found therapy sweeping my front porch of dirt, watering my plants, and puttering around in the area just outside my front stoop. There is something to be accomplished just by holding a breath in longer than you might normally, and this feels better outside.

3. Think out loud.

This is a truly great way to show you just how negative and superfluous most of your thinking really is! If I stop thinking and start speaking when I am in a spitfire mood, everything seems so funny all of a sudden! Can you imagine a conversion where two people were talking about how hungry they were, or how itchy their left eyes were, or how much they hated their outfit that day? What would you do? I would burst out laughing, and then exit the conversation. There is no reason to speak words of negativity, especially when you’re the one who can choose the words being spoken!

4. Love yourself

Sometimes, my mood is so black, spiraling so dangerously close to me actually leaving work,getting home, shutting the shades, and saying , ‘Goodnight, World!’ until the next morning. Usually, every time I get up to pee, I am the first person in my line of fire- ‘Why did you wear that?’, ‘ Ew! Your hair!’, and the like. Sometimes, I can lift my own mood by making kissing faces at myself in the mirror, or by asking myself what I can do to make myself feel better, out loud. Sure, I might look like a total dweeb if someone decides to park themselves next to me at the bathroom sink, but isn’t it better than the alternative (treating yourself badly all day) ? I sure think so!

5. Shake, Write, Roll it out!

Elvis inspired this one- shake, write and roll this storm cloud out of your life! It feels good, trust me, and it can really help when everything you’ve tried doesn’t seem to be helping. Put on your favorite song, (check out the Manifest Your Destiny playlist if you need ideas!), get your bottom out of your seat, and shake your groove thang until your dust cloud has lifted! I always help writing is a therapeutic way to release any tension I am carrying around, and I am forever grateful for the technology these days, as my iPhone allows me to release my stormy mood into a note, and I look like I am texting! If you’re in public, just plug in headphones, crank the volume, and step in time to the beat. You’re going to be better by the time you get where you’re going; I can almost guarantee it!

There you have it; five ways to change a ‘no good’ day to a ‘no good reason’ good day . What are some of your suggestions for lifting your mind out of a bleak space? Share in the comments below; who knows, your suggestion may end up helping someone else recover from a ‘dark and stormy’ mood!




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