Choose a New Kind of ‘Good to Yourself’ : Disconnection from Things that Hurt You


My friend Taraleigh Weathers is an amazing businesswoman, having started several successful businesses, performed as an NBA Cheerleader, gone on the road with Phish…you name it, she has done it! I am a member of the Virtual Love Fest, an inspiring online community focusing on sharing and receiving love. The last assignment we had for this group really resonated with me, and I would like to share it with you here.

The call to action from the assignment was to make a list of things that disconnect you from your innermost joy, or what brings you love. I forgot how easy it is to succeed back into the old patterns which can bind us. I felt this was the perfect opportunity to break free of these chains once again.

If it’s an abusive relationship, or a gluten allergy, the thing ( or person) that seems to stand in the way most of moving forward and changing yourself is actually YOU. You know it, too, so don’t be scared to admit it! I admitted it to myself when I woke up feeling lousy after a long weekend of going out and partying. I admitted it to myself after a snack of pizza and cookies, even though I know I have a gluten allergy.

This blog is about reclaiming the YOU that shines the brightest, regardless of the way you may feel right now, we are here to boost you up to your best self, which is why the second part of this post is reclaiming your love for yourself, and sharing it more brightly with the whole world than you could have ever imagined!

Without further ado, I present, my personal list of ‘Actions Which Disconnect Me from Love’:

-eating dairy (cheese, milk, cottage cheese, milk chocolate butter)

-eating gluten ( breads, brewers yeast, cookies, candies, pastas)

-partying ( leads to poor food choices [see above], late nights, poor quality of sleep)

– taking jobs I don’t enjoy to earn a quick buck ( bar jobs, promotional modelling gigs)

This is MY list; what would you put on yours? It can be anything you want; choose as few or as many things that disconnect you from who you really want to be. You can tell when someone or something disconnects you, because you heart becomes like a firefly trapped in a jar- still glowing, just not as bright.

So go ahead! Let it out, and, more importantly, let it go. Your heart ( and mine, for together we change the world) will thank you…


2 thoughts on “Choose a New Kind of ‘Good to Yourself’ : Disconnection from Things that Hurt You

  1. Thanks for challenging me to challenge myself. My list:
    1. Not getting enough sleep.
    2. Not doing restorative things to balance the physical demands I place on my body.
    3. Not being fully present in the moment.
    4. Not eating ice cream on a hot summer day.

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